My Gear


REcording King

Recording King makes great, reliable road ready gear. I was drawn to the company because they offer quality instruments and they price their gear for the gigging musician. They have a wide selection of guitars, banjos, and resonators that draw inspiration from the great instruments of each era. This informative design and commitment to quality means that Recording King makes a great sounding, quality instrument for the common working musician.

I currently tour and record with the RK-R36-BR banjo, RR-36S-VS square neck, and RG-32-SN lap steel.

Glasser Violins

I have had trouble with traditional, all wood violins for as long as I have been on the road. They are easily broken and don’t handle climate change well. Since I have started using the Glasser Carbon Fiber Violin on the road, I have been amazed with its durability and organic sound. I can travel across the country with no fear of my instruments falling apart or not working!

guitar cable small.jpg

Runway Audio

Runway Audio is a great Nashville based company that provides high grade cables and pedalboard designs. The guys at Runway have helped me to design and build my touring pedalboard and have made me some very high quality quarter inch cables. 

LR Baggs

LR Baggs makes some of my favorite gear for acoustic instruments. From their pickups to their active DI’s to their most recent line of acoustic effect pedals, they make intuitive, easy to use gear for the acoustic musician that wants to plug in. The pickups are tonally clear and incredibly durable and the DI’s and pedals give straight forward control for tone shaping. I love these pedals for their clarity and longterm durability on the road!


Shubb understands that one capo will not work for all instruments. They have taken an individual approach to capos, specifically designing models for each instrument and setup. Shubb capos have become a central part of my touring and studio rig because they give me complete reliability in regards to tuning for each of my instruments.

I currently tour and record with the Shubb C5b for banjo, C6b for dobro, and S1 for guitar and ganjo.


Mooer does a fantastic job of making really solid, straightforward to use gear. As a utility player, I generally need a lot of options on my board to get the right sound out of each instrument and  thanks to these pedals' small footprint, I am able to fit more sounds into a small space. 

Some of my favorite Mooer pedals: PureBoost, Reecho, SkyVerb, HustleDrive, GraphicG, BabyWater, WoodVerb, and ModFactory.