My Gear




Mooer does a fantastic job of making really solid, straightforward to use gear. As a utility player, I generally need a lot of options on my board to get the right sound out of each instrument and  thanks to these pedals' small footprint, I am able to fit more sounds into a small space. 

Some of my favorite Mooer pedals: PureBoost, Reecho, SkyVerb, HustleDrive, GraphicG, BabyWater, WoodVerb, and ModFactory.

guitar cable small.jpg

Runway Audio

Runway Audio is a great Nashville based company that provides high grade cables and pedalboard designs. The guys at Runway have helped me to design and build my touring pedalboard and have made me some very high quality quarter inch cables. 

Reverend Guitars

Reverend Guitars makes an awesome electric guitar. It really is as simple as that. These Rock and Roll machines are durable and play like a dream! 

I currently tour and record with the Reverend Jetstream 390, Flatroc and the Decent HC90.


In ear monitors are so important. Alclair makes a well fitted, high quality in ear monitor for a very fair price.  Hand made in America, these monitors are awesome.

I currently tour and record with the Alclair Reference Triple Driver monitor system with custom "tristar" art work.