My Gear

As a touring and studio musician, I use a lot of gear. From the actual instruments that I use to even the headphones I use in the studio, all of my gear has to work all the time and it has to work well. This need for quality tools has led me to use many different brands and styles of gear and to develop my own tastes and preferences. This hard won knowledge is something that I would like to share with other players and industry professionals. I will use this page to showcase the gear I love and use everyday and how it benifits me when I'm at work.



Full disclosure, I am an endorsed Mooer artist and receive gear from them as a part of my endorsement. That said, I wouldn't use Mooer gear or support their products if the didn't make great pedals. They do a fantastic job of making really solid, straightforward to use pedals. As a utility player, I generally need a lot of options on my board to get the right sound out of each instrument while I'm on stage and  thanks to Mooer pedal's small footprint, I am able to fit more sounds into a small space. They sound good, they are very durable, and thanks to the extensive line of products that Mooer has put out, they have a pedal that does what you're looking for.

Some of my favorite Mooer pedals: PureBoost, Reecho, SkyVerb, HustleDrive, GraphicG, BabyWater, WoodVerb, and ModFactory.

Runway Audio

Runway Audio is a great Nashville based company that provides high grade cables and pedalboard designs. The guys at Runway have helped me to design and correctly build my main touring pedalboard.  I use a very complicated system of wireless packs, signal splitting, and multiple preamps and outputs on my board and they did an excellent job of helping me achieve my vision, of hand soldering all the custom length cables that they built for me, and wiring up this beast of a board to be road ready. On top of all of that, they have also made me some very high quality quarter inch cables and quarter inch connectors for my wireless packs. I highly suggest you drop them a line if you are building a pedal board, a live PA system, or if you are are looking for some durable, high quality guitar cables.

Reverend Guitars

Reverend Guitars makes an awesome electric guitar. It really is as simple as that. The thing that I have come to love so much about the guitars they make is that they are straightforward Rock n Roll machines. Every Reverend comes stock with a "Bass Contour" knob. Essentially, it functions the same way as a standard tone knob, except you are able to control the bass. I leave the knob at full bass 90% of the time because I think it makes the guitar sound full and warm, but when I'm looking for a twangy, thin tone, I can simply roll off the bass and play some straight-ahead Rock n Roll. 

I currently tour and record with the Reverend Flatroc and the Decent HC90.


In ear monitors are so important. Not only do they help you hear what you are doing, they allow you to control your volume and block out other ambient noises, like loud drum sets and cranked amps. There are a lot of quality in ears on the market today, and I have used a few of them, specifically the sure 215's, and I have been satisfied, but using the Alclair in ears has made such a difference. The audio quality is high, the fit is great, and the customer service I have received has been top notch. I have gotten so used to listening to live mixes in them that I now use them exclusively when I'm tracking in the studio as well. The sound is clear and direct and I love having them near by. Hand made in America, these monitors are awesome.

I currently tour and record with the Alclair Reference Triple Driver monitor system with custom "tristar" art work.