What I Do

I play fiddle, banjo, mandolin, acoustic guitar, Dobro, resonator guitar, electric guitar, baritone guitar, and sing background harmonies. I am comfortable as both a rhythm and lead player, live and in the studio. I help to create textures and sounds for artists when recording and to recreate the studio sound in a live performance situation.


Over the last 8 years, I have played shows and festivals across the United States and Canada, I have promoted singles to over forty radio stations, performed on nation television, played on many recordings, I have released two records of original music. I have worked with Stephanie Quayle, Casi Joy, Jaida Dreyer, Colin Elmore, Anne Marie Bosko, Matt Koziol, Keith Walker, and many others.

About Me 

Born in Nashville, TN, I began playing fiddle at age six. I started gigging around Nashville at age fifteen and by seventeen I was working the broadway circuit and playing the occasional out of town gig. At nineteen I left Nashville to study violin performance formally at Berklee College of Music. After three years, I returned to Nashville to pursue a career as a touring musician. Since coming to Nashville I have toured the US, worked multiple radio tours, performed on national television, and recorded for country and rock artists.


Being an instrumentalist with a songwriter's background, I approach everything I do with both of those mindsets. As a live utility player, everything I do must serve to support the song and the artist who sings it. As a studio musician and producer, the track and the playing has to be unique and memorable without ever overshadowing the song. The song is always the most important thing and I am simply here to provide a vehicle to get the song to people's ears.